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Professional wealth management with a personal touch

Holap Loon unites experts in finance, law and asset management. We have a proven track record in managing assets for individuals, businesses, institutional investors.
Through Holap Loon, we aim to make professional investment available to anyone regardless of their initial capital size, be it $50,000,000 or $50.

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Hola Loop team manages a diversified portfolio which includes classic assets like commodities and fixed-income securities and those related to high-risk, high-income spheres like cryptocurrencies and fintech.


  • 7 days
  • Fixed deposit - $50


  • 30 days
  • Minimal deposit - $51
  • Maximal deposit - $120


  • 30 days
  • Minimal deposit - $121
  • Maximal deposit - $500


  • 30 days
  • Minimal deposit - $501
  • Maximal deposit - unlimited

We keep paces with the digital economy and eschew from the single-sided strategies. We believe that the secret of a winning portfolio is balancing digital assets and VC by conservative investment.

Intuitive investment platform

Easy-to-use interface, helpful support team

Dynamic risk management

Risks are distributed among a broad range of assets

Professional team

9+ years of financial expertise and asset management

Tailored investment decisions

Use one of the packages or build your own with the help of our team

Quick withdrawals

Instant withdrawals with minor 1.5% fee

Dynamic portfolio

Commodities, VC, real estate, mining, cryptocurrencies and 10+ more sectors

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Simple investment packages with regular income

Custom investment portfolios for enterprise and individuals

Budget & cash flow planning, estate planning, retirement planning and other services

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